Platinum Delta 8 Vape – 2ml Disposable


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Discover the unmatched purity and strength of 3CHI’s Platinum Delta 8 disposable vapes, which have been painstakingly crafted to provide the cleanest, smoothest Delta 8 THC experience imaginable. These 2ml disposable vapes reinvent the Delta 8 vaping experience by combining cutting-edge technology, high-end hardware, and the purest, most refined Delta 8 THC oil ever produced.

Platinum Delta 8 Vape – 2ml Disposable.

With the introduction of its disposable vapes, the Platinum Delta 8, 3CHI has raised the bar once more. These ground-breaking vaporizers offer the ideal balance of potency, purity, and high-end hardware, raising the bar for Delta 8 THC vaping experiences.

Consistency and Quality: The Hallmarks of 3CHI’s Platinum Delta 8 Vapes

One of the key benefits of 3CHI‘s Platinum vapes is the exceptional consistency and quality of the products. By utilizing the groundbreaking D-SPEC testing method, we can accurately measure and control the concentrations of delta 8 THC, delta 4(8)-iso-THC, and delta 9 THC in our products. This precise measurement and control ensure that each batch of Platinum Delta 8 vapes delivers consistent effects and performance.

Advanced Hardware for Customized Vaping Experiences

3CHI’s Platinum Delta 8 disposable vapes feature advanced hardware designed to deliver the perfect vaping experience for each user. The 2ml disposable vape pens come equipped with a preheat setting and three variable voltage heat settings, allowing you to tailor your vaping session to your individual preferences. The adjustable heat settings ensure that you can achieve the optimal balance of flavor, vapor production, and desired effects.

Available in Three Unique Strain Options

To cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.  3CHI’s Platinum Delta 8 disposable vapes are available in three carefully selected strain options:

  • Skywalker (Indica): Ideal for those seeking relaxation and stress relief, Skywalker is an Indica-dominant strain known for its soothing effects. As you vape, you’ll experience a sense of calm and tranquility that helps to melt away tension and promote a state of deep relaxation.
  • White Runtz (Hybrid): For those who want the best of both worlds, White Runtz is a balanced hybrid strain that offers a harmonious blend of calming and uplifting properties. This versatile strain provides the perfect mix of relaxation and invigoration, making it an excellent choice for any time of day.
  • Strawberry Cough (Sativa): If you’re looking for a burst of energy and creativity, Strawberry Cough is a Sativa-dominant strain that stimulates and uplifts. With its vibrant, fruity flavor profile and mood-enhancing effects, this strain is perfect for promoting a sense of euphoria and stimulating creative thought.

Delta 8 Platinum Disposable Vape Description

  1. Description: Button-activated, 3-heat variable voltage disposable pen with preheat setting with 2ml total oil.
  2. Serving Size: One puff
  3. Servings per Vape Cartridge: varies depending on the size of puffs
  4. Coil: Ceramic
  5. Tank: Polycarbonate
  6. Ingredients: Platinum Δ8THC oil and strain-specific terpenes of your choice
  7. ∆8THC Oil Component Purity: 99%+ Delta 8 THC
  8. Origin Material: Hemp
  9. ∆9THC Content: <0.3%
  10. Cannabis-Derived Terpenes: Yes

Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Directions

After unpackaging your Platinum ∆8 Disposable Vape, remove all silicon covers. Quickly press the button 5 times to turn the device on and off. Quickly press the button 3 times to change heat settings, green is the lowest setting and red is the highest setting. Press the button 2 times quickly to use the preheat setting.



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