Uwell Caliburn X Pod System Kit


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Featured with an integrated 850mAh battery

5-20W output range

Compatible with both G/G2 Coils.

Uwell Caliburn X Pod System Kit.

The Caliburn X Pod System is a new member in series, a multi-functional product, the Caliburn X is a powerful product. It’s ideal for people who like a product with multiple functions. UWELL has divided the line into sub-lines, each coming with distinct features. The A line caters to the beginner vaper, the G line offers more advanced options, and there’s also the KOKO line which comes in a different shape altogether.

With a large 850 mAh battery and a 3 ml e-liquid capacity, CALIBURN X will provide you with more than one day’s vaping time. Vapers do not need to worry about frequent charging and refilling. In addition, the large OLED screen on the device displays battery life, output power, voltage, coil resistance, and puffs. The visualization of data and operation is practical and user-friendly. As compared to old G2 series the Uwell Caliburn X 20W Pod System has an outer case airflow adjustment valve that is convenient for vapers to control airflow. There is no more need to remove the pod to adjust airflow. The device also offers two ways to drag Auto-draw & firing button with the help of multifunctional button.

  • FeCrAl UN2 Meshed-H 0.8 Ω CALIBURN G Coi 13-18 watts ( Good for more vapors production and flavor )
  • FeCrAl 1.0 Ω CALIBURN G Coil 10-15 watts ( Good for moderate throat hit and flavor )
  • FeCrAl UN2 Meshed-H 1.2 Ω CALIBURN G2 Coil 9-13 watts ( Good for more restricted MTL experience )

How To Use :

The X may be the most advanced Caliburn to date, but it’s not a very complicated device to set up and use

Prime your coil by dripping 4-5 drops of ejuice in it.
Push the coil inside the pod (make sure that the cutout under the pod lines up with the bottom of the coil).
Insert the pod into the battery.
Remove the mouthpiece by pushing at its flat side.
Fill the pod with e-liquid (use the red marked hole).
Give it five minutes to allow the wick to saturate.
Adjust the airflow using the slider.
Press the button or inhale on the mouthpiece to vape.
And here’s a rundown of button operations:

Press fire five times to turn the device on/off.
Press fire three times to adjust the wattage (wattage will start blinking).
(While wattage is blinking) raise the wattage by pressing fire.
Press fire two times to lock/unlock the fire button (auto-draw still works).


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